Cyclical OCD

A proposal to add C-OCD to DSM future additions. It appears that my OCD symptoms follow the mood shifts of bipolar. When in a manic or hypo manic phase I noticed that the OCD intensity begins to outweigh every other issue that is going on. The mind gets “stuck” on whatever for an unusual amount of time. Compulsions become necessary acts of the body to take the edge off of the mind. Then after the shift is over the OCD seems to grow very quiet for a season.

The ironic issue is even during depressive and mixed phases the OCD steps to the forefront. It’s only when I have no excess swings that I have a few days and sometimes even a week of normal living. I have to assume others go through the same swings with OCD but the OCD can get ignored by Psychs due to the nature of the manic phases. The mania is definitely intense but my mind still seeks to find relief from the obsessions. I was told that since the symptoms only occur in severity with the swings a dual diagnosis was not necessary. I understand that. So I propose a new term C-OCD.

No I don’t expect any traction at all nor do I have the energy to make a big deal about it. I told the Psychiatrist and that’s as far as I will take it. What is the solution? Manage the mania and mixed episodes and the ocd will follow. Let’s hope that is true. The dual issues are seemingly worse together than when apart. So they must be defeated together. Until then may this C-OCD find a balance in me.


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