My Diagnosis

I am diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, OCD, major depressive disorder, and more. Literally everyday is an adventure into wondering if I will be able to function. Diet seems to play a major role but the circadian rhythm dances to its own beat. As of now I have yet to sleep for 3 days. Focus is not at my control and logic seems to be a stranger.

This is only a candle to hold up into the night for anyone in the fight or who has been hurt by someone who is. I would hope to share useful information but fully realize that just getting something to eat is a task on some days. I presume this will be updated in shifts as my mind/body allows.

I am on several medications but found Trazadone the most helpful with the least side effects. Finally a medication that does for me what it is supposed to! Here is to trying to sleep soon so that I can create more content.