One “Step”Closer to Releasing Single

Steps are extremely important. Any task can appear overwhelming in certain mood states. Usually that is how I know that a change is occurring in my mood. When I go from taking on insurmountable ideas to having trouble visualizing the basics of tooth brushing something has changed!

Well the task at hand is releasing my first single on iTunes and other stores dealing with mental illness. Initially it was easy to do and all of the apps and knowledge necessary was in memory. As things progressed the memory went first, and things such as converting files to wav or even simple password combos were gone. Then even the drive to write was becoming a task. Then there was just some time off and even scorning all,of the time and money invested to make this happen.

Now I am slowly recovering and made a few decisions on the first three songs/poems to release. Also spoke with the sound engineer, communicated with the label on a few questions, and finalized some of the spoken word. So even though it is not complete yet, it seems not only possible, but very probable. All of this due to steps. Hopefully, I will endure to the end on this project. I don’t foresee selling many as mental illness is not a profitable niche. Combine that with another lost art of poetry by an amateur and you get what is coming soon. What that product will be is a dream for me as I attempt to communicate one step at a time.


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