To Think or Not To Think?

This is the question that erupts against common knowledge. An idle mind is open to calmness while the active mind is prone to burn out. An idle mind is open to suggestions while the active mind is ready for action.

What shall I choose? Unfortunately, for those like me, there is often no choice. Choice is the illusion of control over forces that control the thoughts. Synapses snap and fire in some sort of uncertainty principle. Waves of light ebb only to flow against the grain and drain into gray brain matter. What’s the matter with this thought experiment?

The experience of thoughts, in a train, rain into random orders, and often run faster than the breaks allow for. Time to take a break but the emergency brake is broken due to heat energy. Tunnels will be fine as long as openings persist. Is that the light of the opening at the end of this hall or just my engine light shining on the end time wall?

To stop is to crash and burn, to go on is to burn and crash. At last a ray of hope is that the tracks are definitely not indefinite. But then what…

Sorry, I was distracted by the news on TV, seems a derailed train caused a lot of damage in a small town. Seems like it could have been prevented by trained energized engineers. Or maybe it just ran out of real estate and faced its own fate. Maybe…

No more news for me as thoughts of mercy find no rail to hang its hat. It’s not that I don’t care, just can’t sit still long enough to stare into anything but this mind. This mind of mine that runs freely like a run away train next to me. Running towards me with its light on my side. Too much pride to move. This may not end well. This may be just fine. Stuck on the tracks of crossing. Lights flashing with gates about to descend. Hope the engineer is in control of his mind. I am stuck in mine.


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