Office Visit Outrage

Screaming in the next room. Authorities have been called. Ambulatory vehicles swiftly circle through traffic to ease the stress of a mind in torment. Professionals in chaos prevention. I am here. Next to the room. I am in the next room soon. Waiting for my turn to scream. The boisterous shouts were broken by a bottle of calm voices. Desperate help was needed to defeat the breaking up of thousands of thoughts into shrieks of tones. Phone lines were busy with interesting intervention ideas from invisible books. Walking was no longer the norm but a quick shuffle like papers falling by the breeze of a fan. It’s hot today and I am next. I wait. It appears that though I am on time, that the appointment will be late. The clock asks me to reschedule but…it was a lot to be here today, much less return. The noise seems to settle like my thoughts on leaving. The door opens but it’s another doctor to see me. I am calm. I know that noise next door but usually no one else hears it. The one next door is being prepped for the hospital. I want to speak to the wall to prepare for where I have been. I was in the office next door before. Now I am down the hall. I am leaving on my own power. I am walking out on my own. Sirens are screaming outside the office. My car has no lights on top. At least not today.


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