Trazodone Nightmare Zone

Sure, the sleep is better. But the dreams are made of mares of the night. Can’t afford any more meds as the lil daily cup is filled to the head. Sleep sweet but dream deep or toss and turn but no anxious burn.

The professional told me that it may go away in time. So I will wait for that date when the Trazodone will lay me down in beds of sugar and flour cakes. I have had my fill of horse meat from ponies that express themselves with horns and hyena type laughter.

This is the payoff, this is the cost. Yes, I will take to the zone tonight. I will look to rest with the best sleep possible. No, I don’t expect to fly in blue skies with wings made of flower petals but I hope not to swim in the deep blue with the fillies that hunt with daggers for human brains to feast on.


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