Song on SoundCloud

Finally a song is done. Obviously not happy with the outcome but it’s something to share. It’s sound waves under voice overs all about this bliss of mania and banter concerning depression. Truly can be confusing when losing the mind but remember when everything was fine. Had enough wits today to concentrate but only for a moment I presume. Had to publish or be consumed with the endless details. Write and arrange then rearrange a thousand times. No musician in their right mind will work with someone out of Sound Mind. My original editor and producer is much too busy with big tasks to take on charity work. Social security does not offer enough to pay professional support. So, I can only do what I can do in the mood that I am in. Would love to wait for more mania but when will that happen. Until then, please be a friend and lend an ear to the whims of Out of Sound Mind on SoundCloud.


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