Normal Bipolar

Days of sleepless nights. Started many songs and finished only one. Psychiatrist is getting suspicious of my moods and asking about proper medication intake. Sure, I took my meds daily just as prescribed…I think. Maybe forgot for a day or two, but mostly I consumed meds for the sleepy head to form in the morn.

Nights of endless activities, such a wonderful time to be me. Thoughts about everything from death to society blend into one common thread of nothing in particular. Chase one thought only to be lost in another. What was I just thinking about? Not sure, but why bother as so many more interesting things are occurring.

Please talk faster. I know the end of your sentence before you do. So pardon the interruption but why waste time to finish what is soooo obvious. Let’s talk about three things at once.

Have you ever cooked ice cream in a microwave, that waves it’s door wide open like, a car? What do you mean by “what?” This is soooo simple to understand but never mind that but this is a grand idea. Let’s start a fire and cook old microwaves with ice cream inside to keep them cool. How cool would that be? How hot does the fire get? How long before the next microwave explodes due to faulty wiring. I wonder how many people die from microwave related incidents?

It’s morning already…time for my microwave dinner!


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