Manic is Not All Bad!?!

I was told by a small group of professionals that I was in a manic episode. If they only saw me when I was actually animated. So tough to focus but so fun to do everything at once. Many things got done. Too much really. Spent waaay to much money. Everything was desperately needed. Today I hope to send most of it back. I remember what it was like to have a good memory. Those were the days of information overload. I forgot most of what I learned. Must focus soon, again. Must focus on writing and music. Must release the single exposing this monster. This blessing that is not all bad. Perhaps next phase I will finish one of the many songs that I wrote. Perhaps I will be able to focus on finishing the task. Perhaps the energy that spends will save a few thoughts for me to enjoy. This monster of mania is such a blessing. It’s the reward for depression states. It’s the time that flies for the time that sat still. It’s not good, but it’s not all bad. Perhaps I will take my pills so that life balances. Just kidding. Too much to do now. Too much fun to be had. It’s not all bad.


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