OCD for the Beginner

Obsessions are actions of the mind the refuse to unwind. Compulsions are like thoughts with feet that wish to ruin all sleep. And of course the days activities must bow before the ruminations. Night sweats won’t let rest come in the room. Washing not to be clean, but to be sure. Locking 7 times the door just to be secure.

Missing is attention for quite a span. I heard focus is with him in a distant land. Cracks in chairs cause such an irritation. Facing emetophobia in a subway station. Crumbs of bread are left on the floor.

“Does not anyone see this?!” Who can eat now after such disgusting displays of dirty booths of bacterial infestations. Ok maybe it’s just crumbs but…the tear in the seat causes terror to sit on. How did it tear? How many germs in there? Can’t eat here, at least not today. On my way home to a safe place where I can stare and not be stared at. In fact, it’s not safe, what’s that sound. Is the door locked? I hope not. Tonight I am ready to fight the irritation within. Without a weapon of words that are written. I hope I win.


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