Society Sensitivities

I am offended at how many offenses detour to defenses. Climbing the fence to scream from protection of self perception being absolute. The unwritten rules decided by schools of thought that were brought in by the unseen elite. So few say so little and yet so much through puppets without strings. They have cords that are pulled by emotional wave patterns and it is so much easier to just repeat the ripples than walk up stream. The water ways are currently too strong and colorless. So most coast down to wonderland island and gather to learn what they should be mad about. Then on cue of the cords they shout!

I sit out, I stand down, I sit up! I am offended at everyone being offended. It has ended. Finally it has ended, that I pretended to agree at the sensitivities that so many carry like a disease. Not me,

I sit out, I stand down, I sit up! And this cup will cause many offenses as sensitivities detrimental to defense systems that deflect truth to protect wounds not caused by me. I am no longer defending offensives due to sensitivity created by systemic currents of electricity at least until I meet the electrician.


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