Spending Money as a Remedy

Cash comes and flows frequently through ideas like a funnel leaving a scented trail. Like drinking water slightly salted, more money spent leaves one spent. Energy like capital drains down pipes with a bottomless pit. Difficult to see how it works or where the path leads. Still feeling the hunger to eat more play dough that was hidden in childhood. Shaped like real satisfaction but no ability to alter chemical responses nor nourish growth towards freedom.

Still with each penny in the pocket and each pocket with a nickel minus three cents I leave two. Money like time can be spent but can not edify beyond the abstract. Time is the currency but currently I have little time to find a solution. I will spend time for money and most spend money for time yet, the accounts draw down without accountability. So I utilize energy to find the time to earn money that will drain into an empty pit. Then, when all is spent, the change is two cents.


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