Appointment Day Amnesia

Not a diagnosis but a reality for me. Planning to speak of survival techniques but can not recall at all the fall into mental traps. Woke up and asked where am I. Several minutes passed before remembering where I was. This is the day I say to the psych how things are seen to me. Totally dropped the ball and forgot in office about the events just prior. The morning of the visit, amnesia. In the visit, could not recall the incident or much at all. At home in the place of awakening in fear, is where it all comes roaring back to mind. Next appointment is a month away. All of this will be as last months information now, gone. Over time, the life of survival becomes normal. So normal that only the extreme receives attention. The rest slowly drips into the sea of forgetfulness. Especially on days of appointments. Days when memories are supposed to be friends and visit for support. Memories, ironically, are much more than strangers on days when needed the most. Those dreaded days called appointments.


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