Spending Sprees Symptom or Strategy

Energy rushes like the river of heat through sweet serenity causing movements money to flee so secretly. Where is the bottom line of this river of mine? How much does mania cost when the water runs on dry feet in desperate need of moisture. Each purchase becomes sharp edges on dry land begging to be stepped on like visible land mines in the living room. This voice of the wind that says “Why” was no where felt! Much less heard. Must bury the new devices deep under floor boards in hopes that they disappear and never ignite. Who can afford an explosion when there is no running water in the extinguisher outside. At least, I don’t think there is water out there. But what if there is? It is getting hot again. How fun would it be to cool off for just a few moments. Where is that wrench that the water brought in? Under the destroyed floor boards. No matter, I can fix this non living room with water from the extinguisher! Yes! This will work! Stay tuned.


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