Mania. Why I Like Being Bipolar.

One word sentences are the best. They are very poetic to say the least. A definition of poetry is: saying the most, with the least, in the highest! What’s better than that? I say, mania is better. Hypomanic to be accurate but still it’s a natural high. Everything in the daytime is rose shaded. The nights are all green due to my natural night vision. Ok, that’s a bit much but who needs sleep anyway? Way too much life to live. Sleep is for the lazy or the depressed. Just kidding, but I slept enough last month for a whole month. Being tired is a sign that “sickness” is breaking with the dawn. Sickness being defined as brain fog, energized darkness, and fatigue. Yuck! As for now, it’s all about the reason for the season that I am in. Time to invest, start a new business, publish the book that was written 4 years ago and more.

Mania. Wow! What a word. What a feeling. What a life. I hope against hope that this time the mania will remain. Feeling normal like the rest of the non-polar world. This is the reward for the loss of time, money, and friends. This is the one word sentence that changes everything. This is the reason the medication bottles look so unnecessary. Let this end the way it all began. Manic, and loving it. Mania!


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