SSI Associates Needs Assistance!

I have been targeted again by SSI for a check up. This is about the sixth one in two years. I was put on permanent disability 2 years ago. Now they call or write every few months with a review to get more information. Usually it is a letter that threatens to cut off SSI and Medicaid. Then they call! Last time they called they asked me why they were calling!?! I did not set up the appointment so how would I know. After a few minutes of hold I was asked a few routine questions and let go. Then my check was cut soon after for the information that they typed in. SSI made decisions based on instinct and not on information. It took three visits over a months time to get that straightened out. Then after three months I get another threat letter saying more info is needed! This is getting out of control. Nothing has changed except I got a hair cut. Here is another appointment to get more info that they have ten times over literally. Nothing has changed. This is like a target situation waiting for the slightest number to be off to take funds again. Adding insult to injury I was insulted on the phone with a worker. I was told to bring in forms to stop overpayment deductions. I drove them in when I received them. She insulted my best handwriting and said do it again. It is hard for me to hold a pen sometimes so I had to have my family help. Then when they received the forms the second time they denied them anyways! What!?! I was told to bring the forms down, twice, and then she said “I don’t care, I will deny them anyway!” Wow! This whole situation was just resolved close to the holiday season. Three months later, it time for a “random” review to get more info. This is getting outrageous! No Changes…it’s the same everything as the last time but a little less hair!!! But that won’t go over to well. So I have to maintain and pretend to be normal for awhile and hope that I don’t say what I feel right now as I blog away to absolutely no one.


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