Brain-Gut but what…?

Digestive issues are still clouding the mind. Asking questions very few can answer. Developing mild to severe brain fog, losing ability to sleep, seeing hallucinations, all due to diet. The second brain, as it is called, is controlling the first and I can’t figure out the pattern. Some foods are obvious but others not so much. Food dyes are horrible but only after a tolerance threshold. Phenylalanine is poison to me! No Fenol enzymes add some relief. Probiotics are slowly helping as far as I can tell. It is amazing how the little things add up to so much. When dealing with threshold levels, it’s hard to tell if it is something current or something over the limit. Add to the fact that details are not a strength when it comes to a food journal. Then I am supposed to keep up the journal for several months! A laughing matter even in the thought.

Here is the summary. I have major episodes of decomposition when certain GI issues occur. The episodes have some similar traits to autistic meltdowns as well as schizophrenia. The problem is that it is Gut related. Bi-polar sucks all by itself. Add the GI issues, or leaky gut, or IBS or whatever it is and wham! Too many issues to deal with and not enough information to study. My only help was in studying Autism where there is a very high correlation between what I go through and with the same foods and what an autistic man goes through. Maybe it’s not OCD after all, maybe it’s Guts, but that sounds nuts!


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