Counseling vs Emotional Dumping

I was asked the difference between speaking about issues and venting for relief. However, the question was about how long are we to listen to someone dump if they do not even desire to change. Toxic emotional dumping for relief but not transformation. Ultimately it just leads to more dumping every time something does not perfectly fit into their psyche. I was told that I am a problem solver. It was said as an insult but I received it as reality. I was told that many just want to vent, but my heart is to prevent. There comes a time for self preservation against the constant spewing of personal negativity, especially when there does not seem to be an end in sight.

So I conclude with a simple solution. To each his or her own. I am not qualified to listen to problems all day even though I have a degree in social work. I do not have the personality to constantly hear problems without thinking of possible solutions. Therefore, I just communicate to the emotionally charged individuals, before they go off the “deep end” of my ability. Once it is understood, then I can reinforce my gift in the times of vents. Usually the other will become so frustrated with not being able to control my ear that they find someone else. Or they decide to listen to possible solutions.

If you know me and want help, then I am here. If you do not want help, then I refuse to listen. Nothing personal just self preservation.


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