Borderline Personality Writing

As writers often suggest, sit in the chair daily. For common writers of novels and epics there is a common practice to sit in the “chair” even if nothing comes out. I was taught that it is the discipline that will eventually yield works of art. If only that were true for every personality. What if the person has say, an axis II Personality disorder, is it still true for them. Those who wrestle with Borderline personality disorder can have such rapid mood swings that a daily blog would be as diverse as the fall leaves on a windy day. I was once diagnosed as BPD before the Axis I disorder took precedence. We did a lot of work trying to find the point of rest. The ability to relax daily. A great theory but the reality was wanting.

Today I sense the swing of moods against my volition. The desire to write something positive or edifying but thoughts of just surviving are fighting against me. So I must leave it as a quick attempt to communicate but as for the normal voice of poetry, not today. Axis II wins again.


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