When Someone Suffers and Still Refuses to Seek Help!

Most people who suffer and have sought help often start with information gathering. Therefore, though we are not experts or professionals, we know some things. However, some people are so ill, that everyone knows something is wrong. Alas, what happens if everyone but the sufferer knows? What happens when you see someone who not only refuses help but rebels and scoffs at the idea? This is an extremely difficult situation since they can be people we care about.

So what is the resolution? Well, I had to spend time in shifts. I had to start limiting our conversations to times when I am able to withstand verbal lashings and toxic out cries. Then I had to quickly withdraw again. The withdrawals however, cause the other who suffers from classic Borderline Personality Disorder to rage against rejection. There in is the conflict. Hang out and get beat up or lay low and still get beat up. I need to much help to help someone who needs as much as I do! So I continue in conflict until I heal or someone wise reveals to them to seek help.


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