Side effects finally gone!

Anyone who has ever gone through the trial and error science of medication knows exactly what this means. So often when taking a new med it’s difficult to determine if the medication is not working effectively or if I am just suffering through side effects of a proper pill. Finally the wait is over as I have found my first antidepressant that does not cause adverse side effects that rival with just being off meds. There were some very slight initial effects of dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea. I know that may sound like a lot but they were few and very fleeting. Especially in comparison to the suicdal/extremely sick feelings I had with other meds initially.

So before I go, the winning med for me is now Trazodone. Don’t laugh! I know it is a not so popular med but so far I have found it to be tolerable and even useful. Everyone is different and I suppose there are a lot of horror stories dealing with Trazodone as well. I rejoice with all who have the right combination of medication and for those who are not yet there, keep going! It literally took years to find the right ones. Being honest and asking questions got me there. Of course a very patient team of doctors helped a lot too. Of course this is not my first doctor, but that’s another story.


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